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Creating a reefscape with REEFshapes:

The three coralline shapes above are combined below to make a larger aquascape with a tall bridge.  There are many ways to configure the pieces to create your own unique habitat.

REEFshapes are one-of-a-kind and no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.  The following shapes are examples of the types of shapes we have created in the past. There are also some examples of how a number of REEFshapes can work together to create an aquascape of any size.   When we create REEFshapes our goal is to provide a shape with as many surfaces, plates, holes, caves, pass-throughs and canyons as possible.  All the shapes on this page have already found homes and are providing earth-friendly, permanent habitats in aquariums large and small.  Pieces are photographed against a 6” grid to make the size of the pieces easier for you to visualize. 

Photo on the left:  Barrier Reef Aquarium’s reef tank in which was placed a REEFshapes piece.  Three month’s later it is virtually indistinguishable from the live rock in the rest of the tank.

Photo on the right:  We used a photo enhancing technique to try to outline where the REEFshapes piece is located in the tank.  You can visit Barrier Reef Aquariums in Renton, Washington to see the example live.